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I was reading an entry at The Mary Sue and this was my response to it.

Here's the way commenting works for me personally. If something doesn't speak to me or I dislike it I don't comment. If I really like something or it's interesting to me I leave as good and relevant comment as I can.... if I come up with something I think is worthwhile to say. If I disagree with someone about something whether or not I comment depends on the subject and whether or not I think saying anything would be worth it. If it's not or the subject is a can of worms then I don't.

Well, this is how I try to do it most of the time.. I've been guilty of being let myself get sucked into flame wars in the past... Hey, I'm only human. One thing I never do is go out of my way to be contrary and or get a rise out of people on purpose to get a rise out of people to get my rocks off so to speak. Otherwise know as trolling. As many of you probably already know there's people out there that don't really care about the subjects they are trolling they are just in it "for the lulz". Also I have been avoiding certain sites or forums too due to there being extra vitriol than other sites. Or just reading the news articles and avoiding the comments sections because I know what the people are like there.

Something else that is unfortunate and it seems to me that not just on the internet but in general negative things get more attention that positive things. Most good news goes unreported and more bad deeds go punished than good deeds rewarded. Even growing up I got more attention for failing to do something in school or doing something bad by punishment than whenever I did good things or did well. This may have changed with parents moving towards rewarding everything including mediocrity but that's the way it was like for me growing up. Bad things always got me more attention.

But of course the whole subject for me brings up this quote, Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it. Agent K: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

Image credit: The Mary Sue.

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