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Quote From An Old Home Theater Magazine I have...

Take a look at this quote I got from a home theater magazine I bought in 1994 which I still have:

"The World is upgrading to multichannel sound, as the technological paths continue to blur the distinctions between your computer, your telephone, your TV, and your Hi-Fi rig towards one all-encompassing multimedia system, a home theater will be the control center of the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. Today a home theater is used mostly for movies and TV shows; tomorrow, it's going to be anything and everything that comes into your home with a picture and sound. One world, one love, one system."

This is interesting to me because it pretty much describes the system I have now. My computer has a screen that would have seemed huge for a computer back then and it has 5.1 DTS or Dolby Digital surround sound. In 1994 regular Dolby Surround was what most people had at home if they had anything (surround sound was only starting to take off in the mainstream at the time), Blu-ray rips.... so better picture than what was available in 94. Even their telephone prediction has come to pass since computers have skype, and even video calls are possible now which they weren't back then and we where looking at movies like Total Recall and wondering when that was going to happen.

I use my current system for everything they describe there. Hell, even my parents TV in the living room has pretty much a computer hooked up to it for the express purpose of watching videos and accessing the internet. Relative to what we had in the mid 90's we ARE living in the future.

We still don't have flying cars, hover-boards or rehydratable pizzas though.

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