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Quick because I don't have the energy to go into a lengthy post about it.

iPhone 3G: Eh, cool. Lots of new features in the new firmware (especially for those of you who use the iPhone with MS products). Shiny black or white phones. Ironic that they cost less than the iPod Touch now you can get a 16GB iPhone for the same price as a 8GB iPod Touch and a 16GB one for $100 more. Too bad I wont ever be able to get any of them. I can't even get a Nintendo DS or a Gameboy Advance SP.

There's one caveat though.. I think it's kind of lame that they have decided not to allow background processes from third party apps. There are certain applications where I would like for them to be able to run in the background like Skype and IM. Their solution of push notifications sounds lame too because it requires an always on connection. This wont be ideal for apps that don't use the internet connection and shouldn't need it.

Mobile Me: Sounds too much like Windows Me and is basically just .mac revised.

Snow Leopard: Potentially cool.. it's mostly going to be an optimized and polished regular Leopard. Yeah it's official.. Snow Leopard is the name. Probably to illustrate how it's not that big a change over Leopard. I hope it's cheap that's all I gotta say about that.


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