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A problem with days like today is that it's hard to take certain news stories seriously. Especially when you know the history of certain companies or subjects. For example... at TUAW they posted an article that was discovered on TRMK about Mortal Kombat possibly coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. I commented:

"Right now I doubt this is real especially considering what day it is. But even if it is I doubt controlling the characters via motion control like that would make it nearly as easy to control as with a gamepad or fighting joystick. With the latter being my preferred method to control fighting games such as this. This is especially true if you are trying to do a combo move that starts with the character jumping diagonally and then you have to double tap a direction and then press a button to do a special move. Then imagine the moves where you have to hold down a button, do a tapping motion on a movement and then press a button. To be honest, playing it on MAME on a Mac (especially with the right control) is a lot better.. hell, even playing one of the many console versions or on the Nintendo DS would be better." (BTW, you can replace Mac with PC in my comment if that's your persuasion.. it's just that I was posting on a Mac centric site so I said Mac.)

Then of course the creators of Mortal Kombat have on purpose leaked rumors just to stir up interest in the past. Then fans have also made up rumors and hoaxes such as screenshots of fake character and other junk and sent them to places like gaming magazines just for their two seconds of fame. This isn't the first time they would have made up a fake version for the internet anyway... I don't remember exactly how it went but they have done something similar before.

I'm just putting a skeptical mind on this for now.


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