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Mindy Macready
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When I saw this doll in one of the geek web sites and it was linked to a product page at Entertainment Earth I knew I had to get me one! Hit-Girl, AKA Mindy Macready is the diminutive super-hero\assassin\daughter to "Big Daddy" from the movie and comic book series titled "Kick-Ass" about a teenager who decides to become a super hero for real although he is outclassed, outskilled and outdone in every way by Hit-Girl and her father Big Daddy... and dare I say.. out-cuted by Hit-Girl herself. 

This doll is very different from the type of doll Living Dead dolls usually makes in that she's not macabre and does not resemble a goth chick or a zombie or a ghost or any other type they usually do. She's entirely patterned on Hit-Girl.... precocious, perhaps... slightly fetishized with the plaid skirt and colored wig? Maybe.. but still a lot more cutesy than what they usually do. I really like how her outfit translates to a doll outfit with the metallic purple jumpsuit with built in black knee pads that offers plenty of eye candy I really like how shiny it all is. Next is the pink utility belt with plastic capsules and pouches to the tiny hands that give the impression of gloves but are just plastic molded hands. The shoes resemble the typical doll shoes but are themed to be her boots and while they are I would say.. no frills doll combat boots they fit in with the theme of the doll perfectly. 
If there's anything I can complain about this doll is the center of gravity seems to be leaning back a bit and she has a hard time standing unaided but I guess that's what doll stands are for. I have a Little Apple Doll and she needs a doll stand too.
Some people when doing a review of a toy tend to talk about all the points of articulation a doll or figure has. Well, this doll much like how many of the other living dead dolls most likely have is has pretty much just three points of articulation. The head turns and swivels like on a ball joint and the arms move up and down and that's it. The legs slightly move but I woudln't call them articulated per say more like slightly pliable. But I didn't get this for action I got it for display purposes although having more articulation would have made better poses but I actually don't care too much.

Doll in box

I think it goes without saying but one should take care with handling a doll such as this so the hair doesn't get messed up as once that happens it's difficult to fix. Also the other complaint I would file with mezco other than her standability is how they packaged her with twist ties that are super mega uber knotted in the back and folded over and tucked inside so that it's almost impossible to pick them free and untie her... one has to use scissors and cut the ties off in order to get her out. Also I noticed after photographing her that there was some stray\loose\extra thread on her cape that they didn't neaten up at the factory. 

But other than that it's a very nice piece and a treasured new adoption to add to my collection. I currently have her at my desk so that she can be readily seen just by turning my head a little to the right of my monitor. 

The only thing she's missing as an accessory is two glock pistols to hold in both hands! But her hands aren't even scuplted to hold guns so there goes that idea!
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