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This is title... which was announced at Quakecon this week is one that I'm having a hard time not being excited about even though it's tempered by the fact that some of the people behind it started other remake projects and never followed through. But this time it's supposed to be different because they've been fully funded and have a lot of people on board helping them out and are sanctioned and published by Apogee.. the original publishers of the game. If any of you know me you'd know over the top shooters like this are right up my alley and I played the original version (the shareware edition came out the same day as Marathon coincidently) to death. Especially the lasersoft deluxe shareware edition.

At this point I have no idea if any official port is going to be made. Interceptor had some interest in porting their previous now defunct game to the Mac since a few members have them but I'm not sure there's any guarantee so I posted it here to Windows gaming.
For those of you who aren't familiar of the original take a look at this site. I quote:
Back in the heyday of DOS prompts and floppy discs, one of the most popular games prowling around shareware sites and demo CDs was a mega-hit known as Doom. It took the gaming world by storm in 1993 with its amazing graphics, great gameplay and rocking soundtrack. The popularity of the game made other DOS developers take notice. Hoping to get their own piece of the action, they made their own "Doom clones" - what people called FPSes before that term was invented. Most of these weren't very good, but one company made a little-known gem that still plays well today. Apogee, the shareware giant, took the plans from a scrapped Wolfenstein 3D sequel and turned it into its own game - Rise of the Triad, affectionately referred to by its fans as "ROTT". The game pioneered several interesting ideas into the genre, including rocket jumping and enviromental destruction, but it never received the popularity of Doom. It does, however, have an over-the-top cheese factor that's somehow endearing, despite the incredulous violence.
Destructoid claims it'll be on Mac
Rise of the Triad, the zany 1995 first-person shooter helmed by post-id Software Tom Hall, will receive a sequel developed by Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment. This reboot will be available on PC and Mac (via Steam) later this year.
But I have yet to see that verified officially.

Here are some of the unique things in the original game that I would like to see return.

The original game had lots of different powerups and the health items where unique in that they weren't just health packs taking a page from Wolfenstein it was a food item like a chicken dinner but in ROTT it was actually a bowl of oatmeal that had one unique property. It gave you a certain amount of health normally but when a  rocket was detonated near its vicinity the fire from the explosion actually "warmed up" the oatmeal (or priest porridge as they called it in the game) and when warm it glowed and gave you extra health when you pick it up. I don't know of any other games that have done this in the meantime.

It had interesting powerup items like shrooms mode where you trip out like you are on shrooms for a short period of time, elastic mode where you bounce around the room like a rubber ball, god mode where you literally turn into a tall god who shoots enemy seeking fireballs from your hand and make funny moaning sounds, and dog mode where you turn into an invulnerable dog who can pounce on the baddies and can unleash a bark blast that gibs the enemies and there was even doors here and there that only a dog could fit through which where marked by a wrought iron wall over them that showed a paw. 

It had a lot of other nice touches and easter eggs. Such as if you have a rocket launcher equipped certain baddies could steal it from you and turn it against you if you get too close to them. The environments where unique in that they tended to be expansive and atmospheric with a lot of traps and hazards like pillars with spinning blades on them, flame jets, small pits that you can trip over, pillars that can come down and crush you, trampolines to jump on, floating discs that formed platforms, etc. I noticed it seems like the aforementioned oatmeal could be kept warm if the level designer placed it near a fire based hazard like the flame jets. 

The original game had a lot of unabashed zaniness and atmosphere and if Interceptor Entertainment does their job right gamers who are into old school style first person shooters should be in for a treat.

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