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 Leap motion controller looks better than Kinect, shown working with Half-Life 2 .

I caught a glimpse of this product before this week but never really looked at it until today. As far as general computing use goes I could see me using this for incidental things like flipping through cover flow or swiping between spaces in mission control. This would be more ideal to me than having a touch screen on my iMac because especially with the size of screen it has I always want to keep it out of arms reach. 

As far as gaming goes perhaps playing games like zen bound or fruit ninja like they showed there every now and then. Those games are ideal for that type of thing espcially zen bound. You could raise your hand.. manipulate an object and lower it while you think of the next move. Those are the kind of pre-existing games that are suited to it in my opinion.

Hell, might be good for light gun games like House of The Dead where you pretend your finger is a gun. No matter what they say in their promotional material it probably works about as well as other motion control systems when it comes to FPS like Half-LIfe. In those games you move your hand towards the edge of the boundary to move\turn and then return it to center to center your aim. I think it works best for stuff that is suited for always staying within the boundary of the motion control area and screen. Mouse is particularly suited for FPS because you can pick up the mouse and move it back and repeat real fast giving you a very wide range of movement on the screen. Now try doing that with your arm for long periods of time. 

Also I wouldn't mind checking out how well it works for graphics work.. if it's precise and lag free enough I may want to use it there. But for games where you play for hours I wouldn't want to use this. I didn't even like holding my arm up unsupported for long periods of time playing games with the wii remote that use it as a pointer. The point is I'd use it for some tasks but not for others. 
In my opinion this would be just another tool to add to my arsenal of tools for which I pick the best tool for the job. Just like now I use keyboard and mouse to play some games and gamepad, arcade joystick, wii remote, etc. for others.

Some people are always in the mentality that when something new comes out that it can replace everything that came before it. In my opinion that happens less than they would think. 
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